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Picket wins MEST48

It all ended on Wednesday the 16th of January, the much awaited and expected MEST48 Product Development Competition hosted annually by the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology. The competition began on Monday and ended successfully yesterday. Attendance was about 70 students from MEST, OUWA and Ashesi.
At the end of the day, the three teams were adjudged as winners. The first team was to receive an iPod touch for each group member, the second team an iPod Nano for each team member, and for the third position, a voucher for 10 GHC worth of call credit for each team member.
The judges who came from diverse backgrounds tested for many qualities specifically innovation,business model, scalability and ease of deployment. And since this was a product development competition, this was just what to look out for.
MEST48 Winning Teams
At the end of the day, the pluggedIn team from MEST came third. PluggedIn is a service to connect people to event suppliers, and it targets New York City. Yes, it does. Ndanu from OUWA came second. Ndanu helps new international students to find their way around Ghana by providing them a good introduction to Ghana, culture, urban student life, etc.
The Picket Team
Picket came first. Picket is a 5-member team from MEST. This is a service that helps event attendees to buy tickets with their mobile phone credits. Codes are sent as text and email. The attendees pay no extra charges while the event organizers enjoy a very attractive discount as compared to current prices at the retail shops and ticket outlets. And I’m proud to say, I was a part of the Picket team. Watch out for us, coming soon.
So these are the major highlights of MEST48. We would like to thank all the judges and major stakeholders, MEST, Ashesi and OUWA for making this a great event, and to you for reading our posts. I look forward to a better MEST48 and more creative ideas as the years go by!

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